Special Effects

CHAUVET DJ Nimbus Dry Ice Fog Machine

The Chauvet DJ Nimbus fog machine utilizes dry ice to create dense, floor-hugging fog effects for weddings, parties, haunted houses, and any other festivity calling for an atmospheric transformation. This high-powered fogger can hold up to 10 pounds of dry ice and 4.5 gallons of water, resulting in an impressive six minutes of continuous output.

Jmaz FIRESTORM F3 Cold Sparkler

The Firestorm F3 by JMAZ Lighting is a portable and versatile cold spark machine that can be adjusted to meet your needs. With multiple control solutions built-in, including wired DMX, Stand-Alone Mode, or using the included RF Remote, you can take control of your event. The Firestorm uses only 500-watts of power and has a warm-up time of fewer than 8 minutes. You can adjust the output height with 3 options, as well as a continuous run option, or timed settings, in addition to wirelessly shutting off the heating element to extend the unit’s life. Finish any event strong with memories that will spark a wow! With the Firestorm Series Cold Spark machine from JMAZ, you can create amazing indoor displays taking your events to the next level.

DJ Fog Machine

The DJ Fog Machine is a powerful new fogger with an outboard fog switch which is ideal for any application. This portable fog-master is great for bands, DJs, clubs, or anyone else who wants a reliable affordable fogger. 1500W Party Fog Machine! Simple to use - just fill the machine with fog fluid, plug in to wall outlet and wait for the Ready Light.

Bubble Machine

The Bubble King is a bubble effect machine ideal for parties, events, mobile DJs and more. The B-550 Bubble King features 3 double wands, a manual bubble button, and extremely high output. The bracket allows the unit to be easily mounted on a lighting truss, T-bar, etc.